Buy your Tell Pass - (or learn more about it first)

enjoy everything that Central Switzerland has to offer

Here's what you get with the Tell Pass

  • Unlimited travel on public transport across Central Switzerland 
    Including trains, buses, boats and mountain railways according to these maps, which are different in summer and winter
  • Available for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 consecutive days
  • Attractive discounts from 20% to 50% on selected partners in the area according to this list
  • Free rides on all boats on Lake Lucerne
  • Free rides on popular mountain railways like:
    Titlis, Pilatus, Rigi and Stanserhorn
  • Great value for money
    if you plan a trip throgh Lucerne and its surroundings

How much does the Tell Pass cost in 2024?


2nd class summer (16+)

2nd class winter (16+)

Child (6-16)

2 days

190 CHF

168 CHF

30 CHF

3 days

230 CHF

196 CHF

30 CHF

4 days

250 CHF

254 CHF

30 CHF

5 days

270 CHF

287 CHF

30 CHF

10 days

340 CHF

316 CHF

30 CHF

What is the Tell Pass and how does it work?

With the Tell Pass, you can travel throughout Central Switzerland (the area in and around Lucerne) on public transport for 2 to 10 consecutive days. It's your perfect ticket if you plan on taking several trips in the area, because its area of validity is quite big. As you can see in this map, it reaches all the way to Interlaken, Andermatt, Zug and Einsiedeln.

If you're planning on catching one of the many mountain railways in the area (like Pilatus, Stanserhorn, Rigi or Titlis), this pass is worth its weight in gold as you get free rides on all of them. Also, you can use the boats on Lake Lucerne for free, which makes for a beautiful trip.

You will also receive attractive discounts and benefits from around 20 bonus partners. These include attractions like the Spa Rigi Kaltbad, the Glacier Garden in Lucerne, guided city tours in Lucerne and even paragliding activities. Only to name a few. 

Once you've bought your Tell Pass, just show it upon expection and you're good to get your free rides, entries and discounts.

Tips for using the Tell Pass

  • There's no need to activate your pass. Just buy it for the starting day of your choosing and you're good to go. Please note that it's personalised and only you are allowed to use it.
  • Before you head out, I recommend you take a good look at the list of partners to see where exactly you're entitled to a discount.
  • If you like lakes, try and dedicate at least one day of your trip to visiting every corner of Lake Lucerne. Some places I love to get off are Brunnen, Treib (to visit Rütli, the place where Switzerland allegedly was founded), Flüelen or Stans.
  • Download the SBB app on your phone to plan your trip. You'll find all train, bus, boat and mountain railway timetables in there.
  • Don't miss out on doing the Golden Round Trip one day. On this trip, you travel from Lucerne to Alpnachstad by boat. Then you hop on the world's steepest cogwheel railway to Mount Pilatus, spend as much time at the top as you like and head back down to Kriens on the gondola. From Kriens, you catch the bus to Lucerne. All these rides are included in the Tell Pass.
  • Another trip I love is the one where you travel from Lucerne to Vitznau by boat, catch the world's oldest cogwheel railway to Mount Rigi, head back down to Arth Goldau and catch the train to Lucerne. 

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