Looking for your next activity in Switzerland?

In December 2020, Lost in Switzerland entered into a partnership with Swiss Activities. Read on to find out more about this company and what's in it for you as a Lost in Switzerland reader.


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What is Swiss Activities?

Swiss Activities is the No. 1 platform in terms of booking activities in Switzerland. Their goal is to make the planning of your adventure as smooth as possible by offering a simple, straightforward and safe booking process. 

700+ activities

Swiss Activities offers an immense range of tickets for tours, adventures, events and much more. All articles and activity descriptions are personally researched and written by Swiss Activities' very own writers.


PS: As of January 2021, I've had the honour to be one of those selected writers as well... In fact, I've worked part-time for Swiss Activities as Head of Content since September 2021. Come check us out now!

100% money back guarantee

We live in uncertain times and you have yet to meet the next troublemaker waiting around the corner to disrupt your travel plans. Which is why – in most cases – you have the option to cancel your booking up until 24 hours before your adventure begins.

Free itinerary ebook for Lost in Switzerland readers

As one of my readers, you will receive a free copy of one of my itinerary ebooks. Just make a booking through my link at Swiss Activities, send me your receipt and let me know which ebook out of this list you'd like to have. I'll make sure to have it delivered to your inbox right away. 

Ready to find inspiration?

Head to Swiss Activities to plan your adventure.