Updated on: May 29, 2023

#letsmuseeum: the most promising cure for museum-grinchness


(Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by #letsmuseeum.)

Have you ever been offered a shot to enhance your imagination during a guided museum tour?

Yeah, me neither. 

Well, at least not until I joined a #letsmuseeum tour in Zurich a few weeks ago. This interactive concept might just be the key to turn museum-grinches (such as myself) into museum-groupies

Fortunately, the tour I went on didn’t remind me of those museum visits I so disliked as a kid at all.

All this talking about Instagram, Kim Kardashian and women in art almost made me forget where I was and the fact that Roberta, our guide, had some creative tasks prepared for us made this tour even more entertaining. 

Kunsthaus Zürich letsmuseeum

Our guide Roberta made sure we didn't get bored throughout our interactive #letsmuseeum tour.

Sculpture at Kunsthaus Zürich during the "Womamazing" tour

At one point, we were asked to illustrate a hypothetical conversation between two men that were hanging on two different paintings opposite each other. As you can imagine, they had quite a lot to say to each other after all this time spent in the same room…

Not that they were friends or anything, though.

Later on, we got to release our inner artist and “complete” a piece of art that Roberta had handed to us on a postcard. And to make sure our creative juices were flowing in the right direction, we quickly snuck into the elevator to have that ominous shot.

Doesn’t sound like your usual museum tour, does it? 🙂 

Kusthaus Zürich

Sculpture at Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus Zürich

Some more art at Kunsthaus Zürich

Now, to join a German #letsmuseeum tour, you can currently choose between a handful of museums in Zurich, Basel, Bern and Winterthur.

If you’re after an English tour, you’re stuck with Zurich for the time being and your current options carry promising titles like “Womamazing”“Museo Mysterio” and “Suicide, Money and Olive Oil”.

Joining a tour costs 25 CHF, which includes the entrance fee to the museum, a devoted guide who will keep you busy and entertained for an hour and, who knows, maybe even a little something to spur your creativity. 🙂 

Why not give it a shot?

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