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​It's been over three years since I started running Lost in Switzerland in 2016 and while it's ​occasionally been a bumpy road, I can ​say I've enjoyed ​every step of the way. (Minus the technical breakdowns and dealing with stubborn plugins with a mind of their own.​.. 😉 )

Exploring my own country and ​trying to see it from a visitor's perspective, putting together guides, posts and itineraries and of course answering all your ​emails and comments ​has been fantastic.

However, as you can imagine, running a site like this isn't only time consuming. It also asks for financial commitments​. And as my blog ​continues to grow, so ​do the expenses.

I have every intention to keep doing what I do, but I realised it's also time to ​try and make some profit with ​my site. And tell my readers about it...

​But how can a blog be profitable?

​How to make money blogging

People ​often wonder how it's possible to make money blogging. And while there are dozens of possibilities to monetise a blog, I'm ​currently following two strategies. And those are:

  • ​affiliate marketing​
  • ​selling my ebooks

​But how do those ​work?

Affiliate marketing 101

Simply put, affiliate marketing means I have partnerships with certain companies that pay me a small commission for sending people their way. You can find the companies I currently work with here.

Basically, if you ​buy an Interrail ticket or book a hostel on through one of my links, I get paid for referring you. Of course, this is at no extra cost to you. You'll pay the same as you would if you booked directly through ​them. 

​​​On a side note, I only recommend ​sites and ​companies that I use myself ​and know that they're good. I'd never recommend anything to you just so I can make money. That would​ devalue all the hours I've put into Lost in Switzerland these past few years ​and I'm definitely not doing that.

So whenever I chuck in an affiliate link (the ones marked with *), you can rest assured it's something I'd recommend to my family and ​friends as well.

Selling ebooks

​On to the next one... Ever since I launched Lost in Switzerland, I've had ​people reaching out to me with the same question.

I have X amount of days in Switzerland. Where should I go?

It didn't take me long to figure out how I could help answer that simple, yet also very complicated, question. Creating individual itineraries was just too time consuming and not something I could see myself doing.

So I decided to put together a series of ebooks to give you a selection of itineraries to choose from. Or at least an idea of what's possible to do in Switzerland in a certain amount of time.

You can find the result of almost a full year of researching and connecting the dots on my itinerary page.

​And that's where you come in...

​If you've been with me for a while, or even if you're new here and have only read a couple of my post, you know I'm not the person to push stuff on people. 

​So this is not me trying to make you buy my ebooks or booking your tickets through my links. Instead, it's me pointing out how you can help me generate an income with this blog ​so I can keep running it in the future.

​If you don't need any help with your itineraries or already have your Swiss Travel Pass, absolutely no worries. But if you do and you'd be willing to book through one of my links or buy my ebook, you'd make my day 🙂 And I'd like to thank you for that in advance.

​In case you have any questions about what you just read, please don't hesitate to contact me.

PS: Of course, the occasional share on your social media really helps, too...

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