Thanks for your

Thank you for stopping by...

You've landed on an important page where I'd like to give you a quick rundown on how I'm keeping this site up and running. And what you can do to support this mission.

It's been over four years since I started Lost in Switzerland and while it's occasionally been a bumpy road, I've enjoyed every step of the way. Minus the technical breakdowns and dealing with stubborn plugins with a mind of their own, of course...

As you can imagine, running a site like this isn't just time consuming, it also asks for financial commitment. And as my blog continues to grow, so do my expenses. I have every intention to keep doing what I do, but I also need to look into ways to make some profit off my site. 

And tell my readers about it.

How I (try to) make money blogging


If you've never heard of Patreon, let me introduce you to the concept. In short, it's a social platform allowing creators to offer bonus content to their loyal monthly supporters. It's the most direct and practical way you can help a blogger out with the contribution you decide on.

I have started my own Patreon page and would be thrilled to see you over there. You'll find heaps of bonus content and special perks that you can check out here

Creating and selling ebooks

Pretty much since day one, I've had people ask me on particular question: 'I have X amount of days in Switzerland. Where should I go?'

This is a very fair question. But also one that can't be answered in shortness, which is why I decided to put together a series of itinerary ebooks. My goal is to give you a selection of itineraries to choose from and to get an idea of what's realistic in a certain amount of time.

Those ebooks are on sale for only 4$ each on this itinerary page

A second ebook I've written includes a language guide, which will set you up perfectly for your trip to Switzerland. You can find out more about this ebook on my language page

Affiliate marketing

While browsing through my blog, you might have come across a link or two that is marked with a *. Those links are so-called affiliate links, where I get a small commission by a certain company for sending people their way.

For example, if you buy an Interrail ticket or book an activity through one of my links, I get paid for referring you. At no extra cost to you, of course.

I only work with sites and companies that I use myself and know are good. I'd never recommend anything to you that I wouldn't suggest to my family and friends as well.

As you can see, the ways to support this blog are plentiful and if you decide that one of these is for you, you'd make my day. If not, no hard feelings at all. I'm still happy you ended up on my blog and read this page all the way until the end.

PS: Of course, the occasional share on your social media really helps, too...