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How to buy a ticket from an SBB ticket machine – step by step

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a ticket machine and decided that flying an airplane would be easier? I have. And it wasn’t pretty.  I’ve also witnessed my share of confused travellers who’d just arrived at Zurich Airport and tried to buy their ticket. That wasn’t necessarily pretty, either. To spare you that same dilemma […]


The 5 best scenic train rides in Switzerland

The Swiss are big on trains. I mean, Sheldon Cooper big. Let me explain that. Switzerland only measures 220 by 348 kilometres, which results in a very manageable landmass of roughly 41.000 square kilometres. That’s only half the size of Lake Superior in the US/Canada. Or 2.5 times the size of Beijing. Like I said, pretty manageable.  Yet, if you sum […]


Swiss public transport 101 – the ultimate guide

You know how it goes. You land in a new country, get the stamp in your passport, grab your bag and make it through customs. Next, you try to figure out how to make your way into the city. But all those options can be overwhelming and you have about a million questions you don’t know the […]

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