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#letsmuseeum: the most promising cure for museum-grinchness

(Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by #letsmuseeum.) Have you ever been offered a shot to enhance your imagination during a guided museum tour? Yeah, me neither.  Well, at least not until I joined a #letsmuseeum tour in Zurich a few weeks ago. This interactive concept might just be the key to turn museum-grinches (such as myself) into museum-groupies.  Fortunately, the […]


25 completely free things to do in Switzerland

Switzerland is expensive. That’s old news. Wherever you go and whatever you buy, you’ll find yourself spending a lot more money than you would anywhere else. Unless you’re maybe travelling to Bermuda or Norway. But for a budget traveller, our high prices can be a real turn-off. Which is a shame, because Switzerland is a fantastic place to […]