farmers taking their animals down from the Alp

What’s the first resource you turn to when you prepare yourself for a trip? Rough Guides? Lonely Planet?

Granted, travel guides are the perfect way to get familiar with a country. But unfortunately, even the most extensive and detailed guides will hit one specific barrier at some point. And that’s when it comes to sharing insider tips.

If you’re after this sort of information, you’re pretty much on your own. Except if you go and randomly talk to people. But that’s just not something you do before you leave for a holiday, is it?

This is why I’ve created Meet the Locals. It’s a place where I’m introducing you to people I know all across the country. Friends, relatives, people I met at uni, colleagues… No one is safe from me In each interview, my “victims” (or “chosen fellow Swiss”) will answer several questions to give you an idea what makes them tick, where they go and what insider tips they have to share with you.

Let the brain picking begin…

Episode 1 – meet Tobias from Zurich

Episode 2 – meet Gabriela from Zermatt

Episode 3 – Meet Sabrina from Canada. Yes, Canada!

Episode 4 – Meet the bloggers

Episode 5 – Meet Andrea from Zug

Episode 6 – meet Yannic from Basel