21 itineraries for Switzerland

Do you know the misery of having a very short amount of time in a country?

21 itineraries for Switzerland

You want to see as much as you can, but if you've never been to that country before, it can be hard to figure out how to set your priorities.

  • What's realistic to see and do while you're there?
  • What ticket works out best for your trip?
  • What are the budget friendly places to stay in the area?

To help you answer those questions, I've created a guide with 21 detailed itineraries. They're all doable within two full days and cover pretty much every corner of Switzerland.

All itineraries have their starting point in either Geneva or Zurich, as those are the two main entry points if you're arriving by plane.

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How is 2 days in Switzerland going to help you?

Day-by-day Itineraries

21 detailed itineraries include everything Switzerland stands for: mountains, lakes, hikes, scenic train rides, chocolate factories, medieval cities, places off the beaten track and much more...

Each itinerary also contains a highlight section for a quick overview of what you'll see on each trip.

Budget Accommodation

To help you find a wallet-friendly place to stay, I've looked up different types of budget accommodation in the area for each overnight stay.

Those include hostels, campsites and even sleep-on-straw opportunities.

Best Ticket Option

Figuring out your ticket or travel pass can be a hassle. I've taken this task off your shoulders and compared all the options to find your perfect match.

You will find my recommendation along with the latest prices at the end of each itinerary.

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What readers say...

What an excellent resource for travel in Switzerland! These very organised itineraries include listings of highlights and best ticket options, among many other things.  

I love the specific agendas that list various cities and what to do and see in each one. The scenes in the beautiful photos are breathtaking! I highly recommend this book and give it a five-star rating!

Seraina's ebook is a herculean feat. 

A local's stash of secret haunts and sights, condensed into 40-odd pages and at your fingertips.

I so wish I'd had this on my last Swiss trip. This is all you need.

2 Days in Switzerland is the definitive guide for an inexpensive and quick trip to Switzerland. 

Do you want to know where to find beautiful views, delicious foods and great beer in Switzerland? This ebook will give you some no-nonsense, easy to read and well laid out advice for the many beautiful corners of Switzerland. All from a real insider's perspective

Jyoti Bankapur (India/USA)